Dogma 3000 interview
author: Vlado Ninja (Shangri-La-La)  
source: Shangri-La-La, May 2001  

Damir Ludvig and Goran Stetic have been working together on trance music since '96. Known by the trance scene as Dogma 3000, they dont quite remember how they got their name. Originally from Croatia, they're travelling around the world to lots of beautiful places but the party in Taipei, Taiwan '97 sticks out the most.
As they told me they couldnt leave the stage 2 hours after the party. The crowd waited in lines to shake hands and buy them a beer. Damir says that he also had great time and that he fell in love with a gorgeous girl.
The band spent 30 days in Taipei and recorded their first album "LAND OF UTOPIA". Regarding their music, they say that they always take care to be functional at parties.

How much time do you need to make a track?

Dogma 3000: It depends,not more then two days,but we're working in the studio three days a week.

Do you have any favorite bands or Dj's?

Damir: I was immpressed by Dj Piero's mix in Bologna but I must mention Sven Vath as well. Apart from trance music we'd love to work on film scores which we hope will be one of our projects in future.

What else do you do for living?

Dogma 3000: The music is the only job we have. But we also promote parties in Croatia named ASTRALIS ( with a friend of ours called Dj Go Cut, so if you're near Croatia - WELCOME!!!

Besides Dogma 3000 they have also appeared as UTOPIA and TRINITY. As Trinity they co-operated with Ree.K(tokio producer). Their first album is released by Blue Moon Production owned by David Chen, and the new album DOGMA 3000 is produced by RTTS . It's mastered by Geoff Pesche at Town House (Virgin Studios) in London. The recording of this album took 3 months and there are also some tracks which are co-written with some other trance musicians like Gus Till,Slinky Wizard,Goran Vlajic aka Dj Go Cut,Rie Kurihara aka Ree.K and Har-ell Prusky. The album alsohas influences ranging from house,techno,drum'n'bass and trip-hop. Interested? Go and get one!!!

Which track is your favorite from the last album?

Damir: When Dogma enters my brain


Do you think that the album may be sold out?

Goran: We hope so. As I said that's the only job we have and it'll show how much is accepted by the public.

Something about the croatian trance scene?

Dogma 3000: It's getting biger every day.

What about the crowd in London?

Dogma 3000: Crazy,friendly, but Croatia still rules!

What about taking a part on a big festival?

Dogma 3000: We would love to play on Berlin's Love Parade, but if there's another WOODSTOCK we're definitely going.

What about drugs?

Dogma 3000: Music is our drug.

What about your future plans?

Dogma 3000: Next ASTRALIS party on 1st of June in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia). There's also a chance of making a new album for Yaniv @ Hadshot Haheizar and probably something with Afrika Bambaataa.

Well, that's the up to date Dogma 3000 story. If you want to find out more about them and their music, visit and buy their new album, DOGMA 3000


Vlado Ninja (Shangri-La-La)
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